Mrs.Beena K. ThomasPRINCIPAL

From the Principal's Desk

The students who get enrolled in this school should basically develop the following skills. Reading is the foremost among them. Every child should develop reading levels according to their age and the school gives phenomenal support to students in developing reading in such a way that they get familiar with the most famous authors of the present and the past in all the three languages they learn at school. Another skill we promote is free writing. We believe that writing is a spontaneous process that happens to students who read. Communicating effectively and with respect is again a natural outcome of good reading. Ability to ask good questions is the sign of a powerful mind. The students are encouraged to ask questions to give them better understanding and to learn critical thinking. Being resourceful is a quality that assists the students to locate resources around them to assist in their learning. Knowing how to find information and its significance in the present is more important than memorizing information. So, the teaching program of school is designed to encourage exploration and inquisitiveness. Every student in this school learns how to learn. This skill is going to last forever and perpetually in need. We are sure that with greater accountability, students would become effective citizens and will be able to lead everyone who they get in touch with and live a complete life. The school’s effort is to create an encouraging and inspiring environment which will ensure the holistic development of the students.